Cool Games For Your Kids

Delight your eyes and mind with original 3D Crystal Puzzles! These fun three-dimensional puzzling games are delightful to play, intriguing to complete, and brilliant to show off. They’re recommended for multi-taskers of all ages and are definitely for puzzlers of all levels of ability. If you’re just starting out in the world of puzzles, 3D Crystal Puzzles is easy, breezy, and lots of fun! Whether you’re into speed and strategy games, or are a wizened old pro at deduction, 3D Crystal Puzzles are great for all ages.

Jigsaw Wizard: This old time classic game is a classic that refuses to go away. A cute little pixel witch is looking for her lost friend, a big dog who escaped from the catacombs. You guide the pixel witch through the twisting, non-ending rooms of the house in search of her missing friend. The fun is there for everyone, but this is one of those games where the more you know the less fun it is!

Escape From Makatu: The game takes place in the colorful, idyllic island paradise. You help Elmo save his underwater friend, Buzzy, by guiding him safely around the coral reef and avoiding sharks. All you have to do is look for Buzzy, and when you find him he’s swimming with a clown. Help Buzzy get back safely to the boat and continue the rescue mission as long as you can.

Odd Jobs: This popular word game is a word puzzle in disguise. A group of people have to think of the funniest job they can find, while navigating through an obstacle course. It’s simple enough that children of any age can pick it up and play over again, but challenging enough that experts can find it hard to beat. On odd jobs, the object is to make the words fit together in such a way that doesn’t make any obvious mistakes or jump out at you. When time runs out, the correct word will be drawn.

Odd Blob: If you are a blob, you probably love the Odd Blob video series. In the Odd Blob game, you again have to find yourself in a strange and unfamiliar environment and have to find your way to your laboratory. Along the way, you’ll have to avoid bumping into things or trying to climb over hurdles. The controls in this game are similar to the normal platformer games, and the whole thing can be completed in just a few seconds. It’s definitely one of those games that will brighten up any rainy afternoon.

Princess Academy: If you are little, then this game will surely appeal to you. In the Princess Academy game, you have to choose which type of princess – Cinderella or Snow White – you would like to be. Your goal is to help them through their day-to-day life and teach them about being a real princess. Each level gets more difficult, and there are new challenges to reach as you progress through the game.